• Active ingredient: Clomifene citratel
  • Manufacturer: Aventis
  • Action: Clomifene works by causing an increase in the levels of two hormones which in turn cause stimulation of the ovaries and release of an egg.
Clomiphene 100 mg
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Clomiphene 50 mg
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Generic Clomid  - Clomiphene

What is Clomid?

Clomid is broadly used for the cure sterility in women. The principle of its functioning consists in provocation of the developmental growth and the discharge of a mature ootheca. The medicinal drug is not a remedy for women whose oophoron no longer provides eggs (reputed as general pituitary ovarian, etc.).

Clomid helps women to become happy mothers

Infertility sounds like curse for all the women who are desirous to give a bear child and cannot become gravid. Their desire to become mothers is an appetency, considering that the main mission of every female is to produce new life. Repeated failures in conception may be caused by diverse reasons, starting with problems in childhood till the diseases happened in adulthood or even accidents and non-physicall conditions, like stress, depression and fatigue from overworking. It is Clomid that is widely prescribed in the USA to treat barren women.

Clomid main action is blocking of estrogen activity in hypothalamus and gonads. It increases the generation of ovas in women ovaries. This drastically changes the situation and chances to develop offspring within her own body increase significantly. With Clomid every woman receives a chance to be a happy mother.

What is Generic Clomid?

The medicine can be also sometimes called generic Clomifene, it’s an absolute analogue of the original drug called Clomid; therefore, many patients prefer to buy generic Clomid online rather than the brand, because the generic version is much cheaper and shows possesses the same characteristics and exerts the same effect. It is used for the treatment of barreness in women caused by ovulation disruption. Its main ingredient is clomifene citrate, an antiestrogen substance of a non-steroid structure.

Clomifene stimulates ovulation by blocking estrogens-sensitive receptors in ovaries, hypothalamus, and other organs containing this type of receptors, and through the feedback it enhances the gonadotropic hormones secretion by hypophysis. And that, in its turn, initiates the endocrine activity and maturation of ovules, as well as the subsequent yellow body formation and functioning.

How to take the generic Clomid?

First of all, follow strictly all instructions your doctor has assigned to you, do not make any deviation on your own.

  • As a first step the minimal initial dose of clomifene 50mg (1 pill) is taken once per day during five days starting from the 5th day of your menses.
  • If there is no effect, another course should be undergone (100mg during 5 days) not earlier than 30 days passed after the first cycle has been finished.
  • When ovulation takes place, the drug is discontinued.
  • For most of the female patients the success results are achieved within 3 - 5 cycles.

What are the contraindications to using Generic Clomid?

Generic Clomid is disallowed in patients with high-grade sensitivity or allergy to any of the preparation compounds. Clomifene shouldn't be taken in cases of apparent renal or/and liver impairment, uterine bleeding of an unknown genesis, ovarian cyst, the type of tumours that can worsen by the intake of hormonal medications, hypopituitarism or hypophysis tumor, endometriosis. Make your doctor aware of any other preparations you’re taking or have taken, including dietary supplements.

An adequate check-up is made with the aim to detect women with cancerous growth of the alvus or breast, sclerocystic disease of the ovary, as well as other illnesses, when the administration of generic Clomid is undesirable. Remember that the drug is better at a proper level of endogenic oestrogens, and less opportune at low amount of estrogen. The cure initiates with the optimally effective dose of Clomid. It should not surpass 5 stages. Within the cure, women are thoroughly checked-up for the gestation symptoms. In the closest time when the first graviditas marks appear, patients should make a thorough checkup as well as cease undergoing a cure with Clomid.

To avert the emergence of any neoplasms - the tests must be made subsequently. If Clomid doesn’t emerge any outcome - the cure must be given over and proper examination should be assigned to detect the primordial matter of the disorder. It is important to mention that the chance of plural gestation becomes higher after successful treatment with Clomid.

Clomid must not be used by women experiencing hepatonephric impairment, uterine bleeding of unrevealed origin, ovarian bladder, neoformation or pituitary failure, hemorrhage, as well as gravidity.

What side effects may generic Clomid provoke?

Adverse effects are more frequently reported if higher dose is taken and the period of treatment is extended in comparison to the usual. Undesired effects are not evident and rather rare interfere with the therapy provided the set is taken. Here are the possible sideway reactions this medication may cause:

  • ovarian enlargement,
  • blurred vision or seeing spots or flashes,
  • headaches,
  • dizziness,
  • hot flushes,
  • nausea,
  • mood swings,
  • ovarian cancer.

Also the preparation increases the chance to get multiple pregnancy.Providing you’ve faced any of the above-listed changes in your condition which you link with the intake of the drug, please call you doctor immediately.

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