• Active ingredient: Finasteride
  • Manufacturer: Merck Sharp
  • Action: It is an oral medication that helps men to stop the process of hair shedding and even start the process of hair regrowth. Men with androgenic alopecia, who take the drug on a daily basis for a long period of time, notice visible improvements in the hair structure and density.
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Generic Propecia online

What causes hair shedding?

Hair loss is met in men all around the globe and the matters are various. These matters differ in people in dependence of their gender identity. To begin with, let’s revise the main concepts of hair growth. It is a complex cyclical process that can be susceptibleto many factors. This process can be partitioned into 3 distinct and synchronized phases, which work separatly concerning each hair strand. The first stage is termed anagen and it is responsible fro the growth of hair, it is the moxt extended period. The second one is called catagen, also known as transitionary stage, when all the processes are decelerated to give the follicles time to renew themselves. And the last one is telogen stage that is characterized with complete hair stasis, when folicles remain quiescen for a period of 1 - 4 months. This process proceeds continuosly and and all of these three phases rotate cyclically, causing normal hair shedding within 100 - 150 hair strands a day.

During one’s life, hair may occur to become thinner or thicker for many underlying conditions, such as due to the hereditary background or genetic matters. A person may go through these alterations due to his age, which don't demand any care because of its natural occurance.

But if a person observes an abrupt and severe hair fall, he should take immediate measures.

There's a lot of reasons which can influence the hair falling. These can be changes in one's nutrition, occasional stress, medicamentous therapy, metabolicl disorders or hormonal disruption. If due to these hair recovers habitually in 6 - 10 months in a natural manner when the original cause is excluded. To clarify the issue a consultation of a therapeutist is required.

There's one abnormality that is called androgenic alopecia that is due to androgenic hormone activity within one's body, which interferes with the phases of hair growing and causes cycle disruption, and this condition requires a specific aproach.

What is Propecia?

Propecia stands for the brand name of the active substance called finasteride. The med gained FDA approval for the male pattern baldness therapy.

Propecia trials which were carried during 5 years revealed that 48% of male patients, who were undergoing a cure with Propecia, observed the hair regrowth and 42% stopped losing hair at all.

Decade of clinical trials has revealed that Propecia shows great results not only in baldness treatment in men, but also in the management of such medical conditions as adenoma and malignant tumor of the prostate gland.

Propecia is dispensed as tablets with 1 mg dosage strength. So, 1 mg of finasteride is sufficient to successful treatment and prevention of the loss of hair, but if it is a pill dosed as 5 mg, it is used for other therapeutic goals, for example prostate gland extension.

What effect does generic Propecia have?

Propecia subdues the testosterone (male sex hormone) conversion to its more potent derivative dihydrotestosterone (which has a significant impact on many bodily functions) in the organism, hereby abating loss of hair as well as allowing its growth.

What are Propecia adverse reactions and precautions?

It is essential to consult a medical specialist, because qualitative generic Propecia can induce its own side effects which commonly have any other med. The common side symptoms are allergic reactions such as rash, itching, swelling of facial tissues. The drug can also affect male sexual functions, causing problems with erection and ejaculation. Testicular pain is rarely observed in patients receiving the treatment with finasteride.

Propecia is not appropriate for administration in women and childrens! The medication can be poisonous and detrimental to female or infant organism.

How to administer generic Propecia?

It is strongly advised to take generic finasteride in quantity of 1 tablet with a dose of 1 mg of the active agent once a day without miss, following the producer’s and medical adviser’s directions.

Where can a person buy Propecia?

Propecia is a prescription pharmaceutical, but when it is about not to stay in long queues and not to waste time to ask a counsel from the physician to take the prescription, people have an opportunity of purchasing Propecia online without prescription.

Also, you can be granted cheap Propecia cost, as online drugstores usually do. Frequently, online pharmacies grant their clients some abatement. So, when ordering Propecia online, it will be shipped straight to the indicated address.

Purchase discounted Propecia online and treat your hair loss! Excessive hair shedding is a serious psychological issue for every man who faces it. Hair loss is frequently related to aging, loss of the tonus, depression. And most men consider it to be a negative attribute.

Propecia is the prime choice among other remedies, existing nowadays for the medical care of alopecia in men. Generic Propecia available online is another issue to save money.